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Mentoring – ‘12-week programme’
- Direct Debit of £320/4 weeks 
- Two sessions per child per week
- Available for both male and female students aged between 11-18
- Intense 60-minute sessions
- Available between 4pm-8pm on weekdays
- Available between 9am-5pm on weekends.

Teacher and Student

"We All Need A Mentor"

Proof-Reid® works in partnership with mentors with vast experience in a variety of settings.

These mentors we source are sought after individuals with proven track records of helping
children and adults to achieve highly. The mentors are behaviour specialists who have been able to help children in the most extreme of circumstances, have broad skill-sets, up-to-date information and a depth of knowledge surrounding the current generation.

All mentors who provide a service to Proof-Reid® are rigorously vetted and chosen based on merit, experience and a genuine appetite for the role. All mentors are financially astute and literate and have a strong understanding of time and money and the relationship between them. They also have a mind for business and have either been involved in or are currently pursuing some sort of entrepreneurial journey..


Proofreading and Editing for Businesses, Writers and Academics and both Tutoring and Mentoring Services for Students
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