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Ilhan (Student)

You are highly useful and effective as a tutor. Initially, I was stressing about my exams in the months leading up to them, but you made me feel much more confident about them. Your lessons were very effective and I gained a lot of new knowledge in a short period. I don’t know how to explain it, but you just make things easier and your personality put me at ease. Thank you Ryan.


Saira (HR Assistant)

In terms of proofreading and assignment help, Ryan dramatically improved my overall grades. He took time out of his days to go through my essays and add clarity to them. He also improved the structure of my essays and made sure I referenced all my work correctly. After Ryan’s input, I found myself achieving high 2:1s in my assignments instead of weak 2:2s. I was extremely pleased with this result because without his feedback and help, I would have certainly attained a 2:2. I am extremely thankful to Ryan as his kind and helpful nature helped me graduate with a strong 2:1 in English Literature from the University of Southampton.


Randy (Behaviour Manager)

Thank you so much Ryan for turning my CV and personal statement into an outstanding masterpiece. You made my job applications more noticeable to employers and increased my chances of being shortlisted for various jobs. I was very happy with Ryan’s grammatical corrections and the quick turnover time because this allowed me to read over the returned work and submit my job applications in a timely manner. The service is reliable and I have recommended it to fellow professionals as well as students.



Julie & Danny  (Parents)

We can’t believe this is Harry’s last session already! Time has gone so quickly. Thank you so much for all of the support and encouragement you have given Harry. We all really appreciate it. I will continue to recommend you and will be calling upon your tutoring skills when it’s Amy’s turn. Thank you again!.

Donald & Esther (Parents)

I will say that our daughter has benefited immensely since Ryan has been tutoring Rebecca. Ryan tutored our daughter in Mathematics, English Literature and English Language, which I can testify prepared her for her GCSE exams. Initially, my daughter was struggling so my wife and I were looking for a suitable tutor to assist in these specific areas of learning. His commitment to ensuring that our daughter was fully prepared for the exams was astonishing. Our daughter was able to confidently undertake her GCSE exams with positive assurances that she performed excellently in these subjects. Ryan’s tutoring skills, in our opinion, are nothing less than excellent. 

Stephanie (Parent)

- Proof-Reid® was recommended to me by a friend who is also a secondary school teacher. My son has been tutored with the company for one term and I can already see improvement in his overall attitude to school, education, school grades and future goals. Although my son is currently doing well at school, Proof-Reid® encourages him to push himself to fulfil his full potential, whereas, without the support, he would likely do just enough to satisfy the mainstream school satisfactory levels. Ryan has been consistently encouraging and is an exemplary role model to any young student. My son is more than happy to attend tutoring sessions and hopes to continue working with Ryan throughout his educational journey.


Proofreading and Editing for Businesses, Writers and Academics and both Tutoring and Mentoring Services for Students
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