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We offer bespoke, 1-to-1 interactive tutoring sessions designed to engage and inspire students and to encourage them to explore their imagination.

Our sessions are also tailored to prepare students for their future examinations and focus on the idea of ingraining current and proven exam techniques into tutees.


Supplementing your education or your child’s education with Proof-Reid® will help to ensure that the grades you desire and deserve are acquired.


We provide an individual and personalised service where results are paramount. We pride ourselves on building professional and personal connections with our tutees to maximise the chances of them reaching their full potential.

Tutoring Prices

Loyalty Scheme:

Refer 2 new people who pay for our tutoring services and receive a discount code which gives you 2 hours-worth of free tutoring.

***LONG-TERM CUSTOMER = 2 Bulk Buys (Special Offer is NOT compulsory after these two back-to-back purchases)


Proofreading and Editing for Businesses, Writers and Academics and both Tutoring and Mentoring Services for Students
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